Laptop repair


Our team of technicians will be your service to repair any type of laptop, regardless of the brand: Acer, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sony etc. Having experience in diagnosing faults, we guarantee that we’ll solve the laptop’s problems quickly and find solutions to overcome them. Since we live in the age of technology, we know that the laptop is indispensable both at work and at home, so we are trying to solve as soon as possible any defect.

We have professional equipment and a team of well trained technicians, so you will be informed as soon as possible of your laptop’s problem, the repairing time needed and the cost involving this. We successfully cope even with the most delicate hardware or software issues involving advanced knowledge of electronics and technology. Once in our service, your laptop will undergo comprehensive tests to find the cause / causes of failures.


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We have partnered with the leading brands so we can respond to any needs regarding the replacement of defective parts. We have a wide range of genuine parts and can provide low repair cost ,while also benefiting from guarantee.

We provide the following services regarding the laptop’s repair:

  • repairing or replacing the display;
  • reballing video chipset, north bridge, south bridge;
  • reflow video chipset, north bridge, south bridge;
  • replacing the display hinges;
  • rebuilding broken motherboard’s routes;
  • repairing defective motherboard after liquid spilling;
  • repairing or replacing the motherboard or video card;
  • chip bonding or changing other components of the motherboard;
  • replacing plugs, connectors VGA, audio, usb, which are defective;
  • repairing or replacing the gripped or noisy coolers, battery or power supply;
  • vacuuming laptop cooling system and laptop’s interior;
  • changing keyboard.


We provide solutions for each case and can advise about maintenance or prevent recurrence problem.

By calling us, we guarantee that you will receive quality service.

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