The needs of our customers are always our concern, therefore we offer professional installation, service, repair, maintenance and other services related to electronics,home appliances, Gastro professional equipment,air conditioning and ventilation to the highest standards. Also, because we use advanced computer systems, any problem can be solved in the shortest time possible.




Why should you collaborate with us? 


We could enumerate many reasons to choose us but we’ll mention the six main advantages that will make you choose a professional service:

We offer professional repair at our headquarter and also rapid intervention at home;

We have in stock spare parts and original accessories;

We are an authorized service of the most popular brands of manufacturers;

We offer warranty for the parts and also,the manual labour;

We are equipped with the last generation of professional equipment and testers to identify defects and also,control instruments and repairs that meet the most stringent criteria of the manufacturers;

We have qualified personnel with a vast experience;



Do not forget!

You can always rely on us whenyou need help and calling us,you will receive the highest quality services.


Gales Service