Air Conditioning and Ventilation Service

Having our own service, equipped with the latest measuring and testing equipments to optimize the intervention time, we’ve always tried to improve the quality of our services by implementing modern measurement and control systems to ensure we deliver maximum performance, consistent with the highest standards and being able to maintain optimal control of the service quality.


With a vast experience, we provide a team of trained technicians for the configuration, assembly, installation and service of air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Gales Service ventilatie Craiova


With experienced and qualified staff with extensive experience, we provide service with genuine parts for a wide range of air conditioning and ventilation equipment:


  • Air conditioning equipment with ceiling cassette and duct
  • Ventilation equipment with fresh air duct
  • Air conditioning and humidification equipment for open and closed spaces such as terraces, bars, restaurants, playgrounds, subway stations, food markets, poultry farms and animals, the central line of moisture diffusion for a constant humidity of 75% (wine cellar, commercial centers, greenhouse flowers, residential, farm birds and animals, mushrooms, etc.).


By calling us, you will receive the best quality services.


Programming the interventions
To facilitate the planning on the technician’s repair route, you are asked to accept the programming throughout the day for which the previously established schedule.
In case this is an inconvenience for you, then you need to choose another day, giving the technician a minimum of 4 hours, either in the morning or in the afternoon for the intervention to be done.


Time of intervention
All complaints are settled in the period of two days, depending on your presence at home for the procedure. The efforts are targeted to assist the complaints received since 10:00 the day following the receipt of the complaint, but no later than the end of the next working day’s program. Exceptions are the remote / inaccessible areas where complaints should be resolved through establishment received an appointment with the client in a five days interval.

If you want an appointment, contact us and our specialists will respond as soon as possible!

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